hiii !! i'm amber/aly, choose whichever name you want :D

she 15 lesbian mixed (filam) infj 9w1 926 neutral good !!

libra sun virgo moon sag rising

i would describe myself as a pretty friendly and positive person!! im not the best at communicating with others, especially those i do not know well, so please be patient with me. despite my awful communication skills, i love meeting new people and making new friends so feel free to dm me!! <3

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jo nation are my closest friends!! ♡ alex, billie, lee, leo, el, tina, jess, seren, sherlock, and morg: if you guys are reading this ily!! click here to see how long we've all been together :D

here's how jo nation would describe me! i can't fit screenshots in here since they're too large so i'm just copy & pasting their messages :')

sherlock: Hi
scrunkly scrimblo spoingle mipy tootsit
Mipy even
Tina mom doer


billie: u are
super super kind
and so cool

tina: Evil

lmk if you want to be added on here :D
byi i have trouble communicating so plz be patient! i'm online most of the time on discord (usually dnd) but feel free to dm me whenever! if i don't respond in a few hours i'm probably asleep or busy.

notes im ok with people venting in my dms but please ask first. i'd prefer not to see hate on my fav chars (esp ccs) and ships so try not to mention such around me.

dni if you fit basic dni criteria, however honestly i think saying this wont stop the people who fit it so just know i'll block you if you fit it/or if necessary.
note anything with a ♡ is a big fav of mine !

favs: saki tenma ♡, ichika hoshino ♡, tsukasa tenma ♡,mafuyu asahina, ena shinonome, leo/need, wxs, norton campbell, vera nair, bloody queen, + unlisted

interests: pjsekai ♡, roblox (usually flicker/epic minigames atm), idv, hypmic, d4dj, astronomy ♡, lost media, video editing ♡, online docus, true crime, sewing, + more!

i don't associate with any fandoms listed above + i am critcal of all interests

ships: ICHISAKI !! ♡ polyneed (all l/n ships as well, but primarily icsk & shnm), ruikasa, mafuena, mizuena, akitouya, anhane